Urban Speed Dating

Speed Dating is like having Traditional Dating, Blind Dating, and the options of Online Dating all rolled into one. This is an often under-rated and under-utilized method of meeting new matches. Not only will you get to meet potential matches in person, you will also get to spend time speaking with them to see if there is any commonality and a possible connection. The best feature of this option is that you will get to meet several potential candidates in one night. Think of the amount of time spent prepping to meet someone for the first time or the amount of money invested in going on dates. Now consider the potential savings in only having to do that once and getting to meet several dates in one night. Therein lies the biggest advantage to Speed Dating. So why not try our version and see who you get to interact with.

Sit – Give your feet a break and take a load off in a comfortable and private setting. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere as you relish in the tranquil ambiance.

Sip/Eat – Get some food on your stomach. Have a drink… or three! Unwind, reduce stress, and most importantly, relax!

Chat – Immerse yourself in a conversation and get to know your date a little. If you find that you are not interested along the way, don’t worry. It will be over soon and another potential prospect will be seated across from you shortly. Did you start to feel a connection before your time was up? Don’t worry! You’ll have a chance to review your dates when the night is over.

Repeat – That went well… Or did it? Either way, you can’t to dwell on it too long. Prepare yourself because your next date is on the way. Maybe this time you’ll get to ask that one question you never got around to asking. Or maybe you’ll get to mention something important about yourself that you really want your date to know. Your next date is here and so is another chance for you to shine.