Too many choices…

I came an article recently that reminded me of my stance on the concept of too many choices. This is something that I have mentioned many times in the past, especially in regards to online dating. I feel like the dating field these days is similar to going to the candy store. If you go and there are only a few options, you tend to make a decision quickly and go with it. Of course, there’s that buyer’s remorse factor, but at least a decision was made.

If a few more options are added though, most people tend to take little longer to come to a decision and the chance of buyer’s remorse goes up higher. Now imagine having 3 or 4 times as many choices added to that same candy store. You now have to consider a ton of different options that weren’t really a factor before. Not only are you taking more time to consider each option, you’re also taking more time to compare the options and search for various combinations that you like.

You know for sure that you like strawberry flavoring, tart, and hard candies. You look for that combination and only find strawberry-sweet-hard, and strawberry-tart-soft. Do you go for one of those combinations or do you try to search for a completely different combination you might like? Does going with something other than your exact ideal leave you feeling like you’re settling? Maybe you should trying something chocolate or vanilla instead of fruit flavored. Maybe you should take a couple different candies for trial runs instead of just choosing on one. Maybe you realize that candy isn’t what you really have a taste for after all and decide to go next door for pizza instea.

My point in all of this is to say that we are constantly bombarded with lots of options when it comes to dating these days. Instead of making the dating process easier, it has become much more difficult to make a solid decision and stick with it. Check out the links below from other’s with the same sentiments: