Grown Folk Date!

THE PROBLEM: Dating these days is just not what it used to be. As we’ve gotten older, the number of obstacles to overcome has also increased. Whether it’s a low number of options available, or boring and uninteresting prospects, many of us end up feeling disappointed and unimpressed with the dating process.
THE SOLUTION: We believe that the answer to making the dating process successful again is to not think about dating! The Grown Folk Date! events are planned so that adults can engage outside of the nightclub and bar scene. Having a conversation without the pressure of a being in a ‘dating’ mindset leads to better connections. Our events are open to all cultures and we encourage everyone to sign-up and try it out.

Urban Speed Dating
Us vs. Traditional Dating
Us vs. Online Dating
Us vs. Blind Dating

Next Events:

Speed Dating – TBD – January/February 2017
Speed Dating – TBD – May 2017

Past Events:
Speed Dating 12/09/16

Speed Dating 11/11/16